One thing you need to keep in mind about Roomba vacuum cleaners is that they don’t just have a single model available. In fact, they have 5 models for you to choose from. Among them, the iRobot Roomba 980 is the most advanced (and consequently the most expensive), so you can say that it’s like the Optimus Prime of the lineup.

Features of the iRobot Roomba 980

But how good is it, really? Is it worth its $900 price tag? Let’s take a look and find out.

  • Design. Like its compatriots, the 980 is shaped like a frying pan. It comes with a more subdued color scheme than the next-level 880 model, and it also simplifies the user interface by using just 3 buttons.
    There’s a camera on top if you look just a bit more closely. The two AeroForce Extractors don’t need standard brushes, and you’ve got removable HEPA filters on the large trash bin. The extractors are also tangle-free, which is very helpful when you’ve got pets to clean after.
  • Navigation. That camera on top plus the navigation sensor locates visual landmarks, and also makes it more effective in avoiding obstacles. It can actually clean an entire floor on its own, even though you may have lots of different rooms. And it can also sense when it’s running out of juice in its battery, and it can recharge itself in its docket and then resume afterwards.
  • Power. The 980’s AeroForce extractors are unbelievably powerful, as it sucks in 50% more dust than other competitors. And it also deals with dirt in the corners effectively too.

With its sensors, it also knows when it’s on a carpet, so that it can boost the power to pull in more dust. When it goes back to your hardwood floors, it powers down, so that it’s even quieter than its siblings in the Roomba lineup.

  • Wi-Fi Support. You can now also download an app so you can remotely start the 980, plus you can also manage its schedule with your smartphone. Some people didn’t bother with this feature on the other less advanced Roomba models because they had to fiddle with menus and buttons on the unit itself. Now they can just use their smartphones. It even keeps a history of the rooms it has cleaned, so you’ll know what it has completed when you’ve programmed it to clean the floor while you’re at work.

Pros and Cons

There’s really nothing bad to say about how the 980 does its job. It works wonderfully. It’s probably the only Roomba that you can trust to clean your house on its own without you being there as its babysitter.

The quality of the build is superb, and it works flawlessly. The Wi-Fi support works well, the navigation and automation features are very reliable, and it really lasts a long time. The suction power is amazing, and it can really clean an entire floor without you having to carry it room to room.

As for its drawback, there’s just one. It’s pretty expensive, and in fact it’s about $200 more expensive than the next most advanced Roomba in the iRobot lineup.


Can you afford it? That’s the main question. If you can part with almost a thousand bucks, then go right ahead and buy this cool cleaning equipment. It’s perfect for working people who don’t want to do the vacuuming themselves. If you have carpets, entire floors to clean, and pet who shed lots of hair, then this is the Roomba to get. With the Wi-Fi support alone, you’ll be more likely to use the scheduling features.