Are you getting tired of mopping and vacuuming? Ever since the day these robot vacuum cleaners or “floor mopping robots” were introduced to the market of cleaning materials, our lives have changed forever. We no longer have to tire ourselves by manually mopping the floor or taking out your clunky vacuum cleaner to make sure our floors are clear and our houses clean. For a lot of people, getting a floor mopping robot is a dream come true.

Best Floor Mopping Robots

What is a floor mopping robot?

But first of all, what is a floor mopping robot, anyway?

A floor mopping robot is exactly what comes to mind when you hear its name. It is a floor mop, or a vacuum, if you will. However, unlike the traditional bulky vacuum cleaner that is so stressful to use, this one is different. It is an innovation that has made and will continue to make lives easier. It vacuums your hard floors and carpets, tossing all that dirt in a bin. And when it has finished its job, it is capable of finding its docking station on its own. Some models also have the ability to tell you that it is done cleaning.

What does a floor mopping robot look like?

Most floor mopping robots or robot vacuum cleaners are circular, 3 to 4 inches in height, and are estimated to be 12 inches in diameter. On top of most models is a control panel in which you will find buttons, mostly one or two, but sometimes a unit would have a few more to make it complicated (you don’t need that, do you?). Some models even have an LCD monitor to show you the status of the robot and to help you set it up for cleaning. At the front of most models, you will see a spring-loaded or light touch bumper the acts as a sensor for anything that the robot may bump into, like walls, furniture, or people. Other robotic vacuums are plain and flat in the front to accommodate a long flat brush for sweeping the floor further.

How does a floor mopping robot work?

Majority of floor mopping robots are able to move around due to the help of two drive wheels and another that is a non-driven caster wheel. If you inspect a floor mopping robot, you will be able to see a group of different sensors placed underneath and inside it, to guide the robot in navigating around its environment. They also monitor the status of the robots electronics. It is also similar to a traditional vacuum in the sense that it has a motor to produce suction and other motors to rotate the brushes to sweep the collected dust and dirt towards the suction.

During the scheduled time and days of cleaning, the floor mopping robot leaves its docking station to start. The robot only stops and returns to its docking station one the set cleaning cycle is complete or its battery is running low. If the robot detects a low battery level before the cleaning cycle is finished, the cycle is aborted and the robot will find its way back to its docking station the quickest way possible.

When it’s not in use, the robot will stay in its docking station. Most units come with them, and you can place them anywhere you want, but it is best to keep the docking station and the robot itself in an open and accessible area so that it is easier for the floor mopping robot to leave the station or get back to it. Make sure to avoid closed and cramped spaces for storage.

The main function of the docking station is to charge the batteries of the floor mopping robot in between cleaning cycles. The robot easily finds its way back to its docking station whenever it is done cleaning or needs charging because of a light beam that serves as a beacon. It is cast across the room with a distance of about 6 feet in a V shape once the scheduled cleaning cycle is over or when it senses that the floor mopping robot needs charging. The robot senses the light beam and uses it as its guide for heading back to its docking station.

Some floor mopping robots do not come with a docking station, and that is perfectly fine. You can still manually charge the robot with the power supply unit it comes with.

How does the floor mopping robot find its way around?

The floor mopping robot operates with 4 to 5 cleaning modes. One mode is the circular or spiral-shaped pattern in which the robot vacuum navigates around the room in the said pattern to cover the entire floor area. Other modes include (may vary) zigzag mode, criss-crossing in diagonals, and wall-following until it reaches the center of the room. Other models of floor mopping robots may have other modes.

Some brands offer a virtual wall or a “lighthouse” that are sold separately. These ai the robotic vacuum cleaner in navigating the room with an infrared light beam. When the robot senses this light beam, it changes its direction to avoid it. However, a lighthouse is slightly different from a virtual wall. It features a radio frequency technology that helps that robot to self-position and improve its cleaning efficiency.

Limitations of a floor mopping robot

Floor mopping robots are an interesting piece of technology. It eases you out of stressful household chores and keeps everything clean without you having to worry about anything. You may think it is the perfect cleaning companion, but do not forget that it also has its limitations.

It is important to keep these in mind so you know just what to expect from your floor mopping robot:

  • Most robot cleaners do not operate beyond a 30 to 35-degree slope
  • They are not capable of climbing or going down the stairs
  • The sensors of the robot cleaners do not work on very dark floor surfaces

Robot vacuums, just like their more traditional and regular counterparts, are designed to clean hard floors and carpets. They are also not recommended to use on non-sealed hardwood floors or laminates.

What you should look for in a floor mopping robot?


You don’t have to get off your couch or take a break from cooking to sweep your floors when you have a floor mopping robot. You will have any room in your house squeaky clean in no time, and it ensures the best cleaning operation possible.

Easy to use

Since it is a robot, a floor mopping robot is of course automatic. You do not have to attend to it the entire time. All you have to do is set up its cleaning schedules and cycles and turn it on when it’s time to clean. While it does its job, you can spend more time with your family, friends, or doing whatever you would rather do than clean your hardwood floors. The floor mopping robot will do it for you without the need for supervision. Once it is done cleaning, it just returns to its docking station to charge and wait for the next cleaning cycle. You can also set it up to clean a particular room multiple times, just stopping to recharge on its docking station, and then goes back to do a second round of cleaning.


Floor mopping robots are mostly flat and are in the shape of a disk, while some may be a little more bulky, but still remains compact. Disk-shaped robots can get under furniture and turn around corners easily. No matter what their shape is, because of its small size, a floor mopping robot never gets in your way while doing its job.


The floor mopping robots are considered intelligent because of its various sensors that allow it to detect dirt, drops, its previous paths, its docking station, obstacles, and battery usage. This makes for an easy navigation in the house, and it is able to clean without supervision.

Fairly affordable

It is understandable if you think that a unit of floor mopping robot is expensive and is an unattainable luxury, but it is not. The most common robot vacuums range from $200-$400. Some are even priced at around $150. You don’t have to spend so much on a robot vacuum.

HEPA Filtration

If you have pets, a floor mopping robot with a HEPA filter is particularly helpful. These are very fine filters that help remove tiny dust particles from your floor, plus allergens from the air.

The 3 Best Floor Mopping Robots

When purchasing a floor mopping robot, it is important to do your research before spending money on the first thing you see. When it comes to brands, iRobot is still the leading brand of choice in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. To save you the time of having to search on Google the top floor mopping robots from iRobot, we give you our top three recommendations, and why they are the best.

iRobot 380t Floor Mopping Robot

The 380t Floor Mopping Robot is designed to mop floors quickly and efficiently. It will cover the entire room in each pass. It picks up dirt, dust, and hair from your hard floors, even including hardwood, tile, vinyl, and laminate! It uses microfiber cloths to clean efficiently, and it is easy to use. Just attach whatever cleaning cloth you have, put it down, press the power button, and it will use its sensors to navigate the room to clean without your supervision.

It has two cleaning modes: sweep mode and mop mode. Choose sweep mode if you want to use a dry cleaning cloth to get rid of dust from your floor. Choose mop mode if you want special back-and-forth action with a damp cleaning cloth to get rid of dirt and hard-to-remove grime from the surface of your floor.

iRobot 320 Floor Mopping Robot

This floor mopping robot is the easiest to use. Just attach any disposable or microfiber cleaning cloth, put the unit down on the floor, and turn it on to start its cleaning cycle. This comes with two modes as well, namely Sweep Mode and Mop Mode. Just like the 380t, Sweep Mode is for dry cleaning while Mop Mode is for cleaning with a damp cloth. You can dispose of the material after cleaning, or use it again later.

It uses the NorthStar Navigation System which works like an indoor GPS. It projects a signal to determine and map the unit’s location in the room, guiding the robot vacuum around so that it cleans more efficiently using its previous paths. It takes note of where it still needs to clean, ensuring a thoroughly cleaned floor surface.

bobSweep Pet Hair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Pet Hair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a four-in-one floor mopping robot. It can vacuum, mop, sweep, and sterilize your floor simultaneously. Just like its name says, PetHair specializes in hair, pet fur, and dust – those hard-to-pick-up debris. It absorbs micro-particles using its HEPA filter. It’s also very easy to use with its LCD, UV light, and an extra-long brush for efficient cleaning.

Its sleek and elegant design also makes for a great house decor. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also very helpful. It rotates and sweeps to ensure that everything is covered without supervision.

Those are the top three floor mopping robots that we recommend for you to get. All these are affordable, efficient, and easy to use.