The Robot Brava 380 T Floor Mopping Robot is a new offering from iRobot. It is one of the higher end models under the floor mopping series and aims to possibly provide a solution to this very common mopping household chore. It has the capability to cover more ground space in just a single session. It also comes with multiple navigation cubes, which means that it comes with the capability to memorize certain schematics of multiple rooms. Furthermore, it comes with more liquid dispensing capability, which also means more ground coverage using its wet cloth. More importantly, it has a standard turbo charging dock that is capable of recharging the device in just two hours.


  • Dry/Damp Mop
  • Hard Floor Specialist
  • Multiple Pass Technology
  • Smart Mapping
  • Ease of Use
  • Compact Size
  • Low Hum


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Smart navigation


  • No major new technology
  • Difficult to find in retail stores


The Robot Brava 380 T Floor Mopping Robot model looks a whole lot like its sibling Brava 320, as it also comes with similar two-tier shape and dimensions. It is available in a black plastic rather than white, along with a similar matte black plastic in its sides. It comes with three simple to use function buttons at the top of the device, with features including Mop, Power and Sweep, together with a navigation system indicator that lights underneath. At the same time, it has a handle on the back which enables you to pick up and move the robot quite easily. What makes it standout from similar models is that it comes with a rubber bumper on its front. Its mopping pad has a built-in reservoir that needs to be filled with water before starting to use. It also has some sweeping cloths, which may not be interchangeably used with the mopping pad.


Before making a decision for purchasing, it has always been recommended to make some comparisons first. There are several options that you can easily take advantage of here. For instance, there is the iRobot Scooba 450 Floor Scrubbing Robot. It is under the same company as with Brava 380, but it comes with other features, such as three cycle cleaning process.

Another option that you might want to take into consideration is another sibling, Brava 320. It is also a mopping robot, and is quite similar to the 380 T model. It uses the most common brands of disposable cloths together with microfiber cloths.

To complete your list of options, you might want to consider the Scooba 390. It is a scrubbing robot that can pick up most dirt and dust through its efficient four stage cleaning process. A lot of customers still prefer, and give positive feedback on the Brava 380T for its unique features, which are not included with other models. However, it is up to you to make the decision.


Overall, the Robot Brava 380 T Floor Mopping Robot is a very promising solution to your mopping chores at home. It is very easy to use. As a matter of fact, after everything else has been set up, all you need to do is simply press the buttons, allowing the Brava to complete its task. This model only works on surfaces that are flat, making it great on hardwood floor. You will definitely be surprised with the amount of dust and dirt that it can pick up. If you are looking for a cool cleaning robot, this is a great guaranteed option for you.