Modern technology has certainly changed the way we live nowadays. People who use automatic floor scrubbing devices look strangely at the people who insist on using a mop and a bucket. But the people who use the iRobot Scooba 450 Floor Scrubbing Robot sit high and mighty, while they scoff at people who still need to work hard scrubbing their floors.

Features of the iRobot Scooba 450 Floor Scrubbing Robot

If you know about the iRobot Roomba vacuum robot, then this is its floor scrubbing counterpart. It’s a round disk that measures 14.4 inches in diameter, and it is 3.6 inches high. It comes with a handle and 3 large buttons that are clearly labeled, backlit. The Clean button starts and stops the robot and there’s even an Information button that flashes colors and gives verbal cues to indicate the status of the robot. Then the Room button lets you pick either a short or long cleaning cycle.

At first, you’ll need to charge the iRobot for 8 hours, but after that you only need less than 3 hours to fully recharge the batteries. You’ll also need to fill the tank with 750 ml of water and the cleaning solution specifically designed for the Scooba. Another button detaches the water tank, and the bottom of the tank has labeled Clean and Dirty compartments so you know which one to fill up and which one to empty when you’re done cleaning.

This is a robot so you don’t have to guide it in any way. It has navigation technology that lets it figure out the path it should take. Once it’s running, the Scooba will first sweep the floor then it will soak, scrub and then squeegee the floor dry. The entire process can wash away as much as 99.3% of the bacteria on the floor.

The Scooba can detect the presence of stairs, so it won’t fall of the edge. And you need not worry about damaging your carpet, as it detects these rugs and treats them like walls.

Pros and Cons

The amazing thing about the Scooba is that its scrubbing function really does work effectively. As long as the stain on the floor is quite fresh, then it can get rid of it. And that means it really does save you a lot of work. You won’t need to do the scrubbing buy yourself, and that’s’ quite a relief. Afterwards, it’s all a matter of getting rid of the dirty water.

Furthermore, its ability to detect stairs and carpets is also satisfying. It won’t damage itself or the carpet. And its size means that it can get almost anywhere in a room filled with furniture.

But it’s still not perfect, and that starts with the rather expensive cost. What’s really irritating is that while the navigation works well with small rooms, with larger ones the directions seem a bit off. It may not effectively clean all the spots. To solve this, you’ll need to get Virtual Walls to section off large rooms, and that means spending more money. Buying the cleaning solution is okay because each container

That’s not all. You don’ have other smart features here, such as automatic scheduling and automated charging docking. Don’t even think about smartphone connectivity. It’s s basic that essentially you still need to be there. This is in stark contrast to the iRobot vacuums which can activate and recharge on their own.

Since it’s powerful, it’s also loud although it doesn’t quite match the noise made by a traditional upright. And that noise stops somewhat sooner than you’d like, because the battery lasts for only 40 minutes or so at the most. That means you need to forget about cleaning a large room in one go. You have to clean a section of a room each day, because you’ll spend too much time recharging when you try to do it over the course of the day.


Yet despite its faults, it’s still a very good buy. That’s because mopping floors is so much more difficult and more tedious than sweeping the floor or using an upright vacuum, and yet this iRobot des it well enough. With the Scooba 450, it’s entirely possible to never again need to mop the floor. And for many of us, that’s worth every penny for the Scooba 450.