The ILIFE V5 Automatic Robot is an upgrade of the popular V3S. Available in a gray color, the V5 is being advertised as an all-around floor cleaner, one that picks up dirt and provides superior quality and longer battery life. All of that sounds impressive, but is it better than the V3S robot? In this review, we’re going to find the answer and learn the pros and cons too.


The ILife has many features that raise it above the others. The key features are as follows.

  • The V5 is equipped with several sensors that enable it to navigate different surfaces. The design allows the V5 to make a smooth transition from hardwood floor to tile, thin carpets to marbles smoothly.
  • Its Auto Clean function enables the V5 to clean automatically. The unit is also capable of making adjustments while running.
  • If there is a specific area you want the V5 to clean, the Spot Clean Mode allows the unit to focus on it. The V5 also has an edge cleaning feature built in.
  • The V5 has an IR signal receiver for charging lock communication, making return charge convenient.
  • There are 10 IR sensors built into the robot, allowing it to change directions when a wall, edge or barrier is detected.
  • An auto charging sensor is built in for more efficient operation.
  • The V5 comes with double brushes to enhance its functionality and clean a greater area.
  • There is a nanofiber mop cloth included in some V5 models.
  • There is a LED work status indicator built in. This is one of the most useful features on the V5 as it lets you know when it’s time for a charge.


The V5 is a powerful robot cleaner, and it’s also one of the easiest to use. You just have to press the Auto Clean Key and the unit goes to work. After the V5 is done, press the on/off switch. As you might expect from a quality robot cleaner, the V5 collects hair, pet hair, dirt and debris.

Robot cleaners tend to stumble around a bit when it’s first used, but the V5 handles it better than most thanks to its nose wheel. Its drop avoidance feature means you can use it to vacuum stairs without fear it’s going to fall off. All robot cleaners have sensors, but the IR sensors on the V5 are more efficient.

The V5 has a long battery life, and if you follow the instructions it’s going to last 3 years. It is also self-charging so you don’t have to bother picking it up. The slim design also helps improve performance because it can go through tight spots with ease. This is a good thing of course as the areas where dirt accumulates – under the bed, furniture, etc. – are those spots.

For more intensive cleaning you can combine the mop and suction. Its nanofiber mop is as wide as the V5, allowing it to clean a wide area, including corners and edges. The mop is larger than those found on other cleaners, and its hook-like design makes it more efficient at cleaning. Keep in mind again that not all V5 models have this mop feature, so check first if it is available.

By and large, the V5 does an exceptional job picking up dirt and debris. It has a lot of features but is easy to use, and the more familiar it gets with the environment, the more efficient the performance. Aside from its reliable cleaning, the quality and long life are major pluses.

There are a few other things we have to mention such as its ability to collect dirt isn’t affected by the surface it is used on. Some robot cleaners are only effective on hardwood floor, while others are better at carpet. The V5 however, works well on all surfaces.


  • The low profile design allows it to clean hard to reach places like couches, under the bed and so on.
  • The V5 is easy to schedule. The instructions are easy to follow, allowing it to use the robot anytime.
  • Its suction power has been upgraded from the previous releases.
  • The unit’s falling sensors work very well and keep the V5 from dropping or falling.
  • Its wheel is made of high density rubber. This makes climbing easy, smooth and doesn’t scratch the floor. The wheel is soft enough to protect the floor, but it’s also durable and maneuvers smoothly.


  • It misses a few spots every now and then, but the next time it passes the area, dirt is collected.
  • Like other robot cleaners, you have to empty the bin on a regular basis.

Who is the ILIFE V5 Automatic Robot For?

The ILife would make for an excellent choice for busy individuals. You could for instance, set it up to run while you’re out at work or sleeping. Once the V5 is done cleaning, it goes back to base to recharge. This is a no-hassle robot cleaner that should appeal to those who are always on the go.

This is also for those who like their vacuum cleaners quiet. The sound level is at 55dB, which makes it quieter than other models. If you have a small or medium sized home, the V5 can be used as your primary or complementary vacuum. For large homes, the V5 is best used for spot cleaning.

If you have the V3S, consider upgrading to the V5 as it offers more in terms of performance and reliability. If you have never used a robotic cleaner before, the V5 is one of the better options as it combines ease of use with functionality.

Final Verdict

The ILIFE V5 Automatic Robot is a powerful cleaner and worthy upgrade to the VS3. It has a long battery life, and it’s powerful enough to clean a lot of pet hair, dirt and debris. There are a lot of robot cleaners which claim to do this, but few are as efficient as the ILife V5 so this is a good buy.