In the robotic vacuum cleaner industry, just about every other manufacturer seems to be trying to one-up the current industry leading iRobot with its Roomba vacuum and Scooba floor-scrubbing robots. But with the 4-in-1 from bObsweep, there may be a new leader about to emerge.


The bObsweep Pet Hair 4-in-1 is a revolutionary development in home cleaning robotic technology. It’s designed for pet owners who really need to vacuum constantly because their dogs and cats shed hair all over the place constantly.

It measures 13.8 inches in diameter, 3.9 inches tall, and 7.7 pounds in weight. It looks so shiny that it seems like a toy (although the champagne version looks nice), but it’s a serious cleaning device for the home. But it’s like a toy because the benefits you get are quite fun.

The “4 in 1” refers to its 4 main functions which it does simultaneously:

  1. Sweeping. This will clear a path through all the pet hair and dust with its rotating, cull-contact brush. This is used in conjunction with the dust sweeper that works like a squeegee. It has a long side brush that can reach places that are normally hard to reach, like along walls and in the corners.
  2. Vacuum. The robot then sucks in all the dirt, dust, hair, and other types of debris on floors and even carpets. This is aided by a robust TurboLift motor rated at 7500 RPM.
  3. Mopping. For this you’ll need to clip on the microfiber cloth that’s part of your purchase. Bob (that’s his name by the way) will then use this cloth to scrub and polish your floor.
  4. Sterilizing and purifying. It even has a 400 NM ultraviolet lamp which can kill germs and sterilize the floor. It also comes with a HEPA filter that removes extremely small particles in the air such viruses, dust mites, and mold.

Bob is battery operated, but it doesn’t just use an ordinary battery. Instead, it comes with a long-life Lithium X-AMPlified Battery that comes with a 2-year warranty. With this rechargeable battery it can run for more than an hour on a single charge. It comes with a dock to which it returns when it needs to recharge.

It really doesn’t matter if you have uneven floors, as Bob has a spring-actuated surface automator. What this does is adjust Bob so that it matches the level of the floor even if it is uneven. This maximizes the continuous contact of Bob with the floor.

For some robotic vacuum cleaners, another main problem is that they feature small dustbins that require you to empty them more frequently than you would like. That’s not a problem with Bo, because the unit comes with a 1-liter dust bin. That’s probably the largest capacity of dustbin for the robotic vacuum industry.

Bob comes with several cleaning speeds and cleaning modes you can choose from, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop it first so you can control it from the unit. Instead, it comes with a fully functional infrared remote. With this device, you can even control the movement of the vacuum robot.

You can also schedule it too, so that it can start cleaning once you’re out the door on the way to the office. You don’t have to be there because it can detect drops and steps with its edge sensors. And you even have stickers with your purchase so you can define the area you want it to clean.

Pros and Cons

On the face of it, it’s absolutely terrific. It’s a reliable piece of machinery, and in the off chance it breaks down in some way the customer support is exceptional.

It will really clean up a room in various ways, and you won’t have to worry. It’s very fast and efficient, and the navigation ensures coverage of all areas. It even has sensors that detect a soiled area so that it can concentrate its efforts there.

Just schedule it and go to work and you’ll get home to a very clean home. It doesn’t matter if you have pets that shed a lot of hair, as it can really handle the mess. Your cats and dogs may get spooked by the device at first, but eventually they’ll get used to it.

Even the price is reasonable, and that’s always a relief.

Of course, for some people the scheduling function may be a tad more complicated than necessary, but the bObsweep site has videos that tell you what to do for various scenarios. The sensors may also not be able to deal with a dark colored rug or carpet, but you only need to use the stickers for that so it will avoid it.


It’s an excellent robotic vacuum cleaner and it really does help with eliminating pet hair as the name suggests. Unless you have lots of dark colored carpets you need to clean with the vacuum cleaner, get the bObsweep Pet Hair 4-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop now and see how it can make your life sweeter.