Do you know which features you should consider before purchasing a vacuum cleaner? Though a vacuum cleaner is a one-time investment, and it is an integral part of a regular cleaning routine, most people rarely bother to research before buying a vacuum. Vacuum cleaners work basically the same, but before you make your purchase you should consider certain features that can make your cleaning routine easier. Some things to consider:

  • Suction power
  • Low profile design
  • Maneuverability
  • Ease of use
  • Noise level

Vacuum cleaners remove the dust and debris from your floors by suction that is created by the onboard motor. You should consider the vacuum cleaner’s wattage and how effectively this power is used to collect the maximum about of debris from the floors. Different vacuum cleaners of the same wattage may differ in their performance.

A low profile design is another important feature that affects your vacuum cleaner’s ability to get into hard-to-reach areas like under beds, sofas, and cabinets.

Maneuverability refers to how easy for your vacuum cleaner to move and turn, for example, vacuum cleaners can turn on a 360-degree swivel. Last but not least, the vacuum cleaner should be easy to use and should not be unbearably loud.

A low profile design and quiet operation is difficult to find in conventional vacuum cleaners, but thanks to robotic science manufacturers have introduced low profile, high performance, and self-maneuverable robot cleaners that have made the floor cleaning process super easy.

iTouchless Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner PRO

iTouchless Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner Pro is an easy to use effortless vacuum cleaner that moves easily from carpet to hard floor without any help. The flat design enables it to get to the difficult to reach areas like under beds, couches, or cabinets. The package includes an Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner, remote control, battery charger, filter mesh, rechargeable battery, cleaning brush, and side rotating brush replacement. The cleaner is silver in color.

The Pros

  • Fully automatic
  • Low profile design to clean under beds, couches, and cabinets
  • Unattended cleaning
  • Remote control for controlled moves
  • Self-adjustable wheel prevents tipping
  • Low battery indicator
  • One year warranty

The Cons

  • Not efficient over carpet

The iTouchless Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner Pro is a 4-star rated machine that allows for unattended operation, and its flat design enables cleaning under the sofa, beds, and cabinets. It moves smoothly over the floor and carpets collecting dirt and debris, but some customers have complained about its inefficiency over high-pile carpet since it sucks up the long fibers of the carpet. For shag-type carpets and rugs, this machine is not a good choice, but works perfectly well on flatter style rugs.

Neato Botvac D80 Vacuum Cleaner

The Botvac D80 Vacuum Cleaner by Neato is a high performance robot cleaner that cleans up crumbs, dust, and pet hairs from every corner of the house. Its D-shape design and corner-clever technology helps the vacuum get into corners where dust tends to build up. The package includes a high performance robot vacuum, standard filter, spiral blade brush, side brush, integrated charge base, power cord, boundary markers, and brush and filter cleaning tool.

The Pros

  • Laser-smart mapping and navigating
  • Spin flow technology combines suction and precision for optimum cleaning
  • Auto charging and auto-resuming
  • Clears particles as small as 0.3 micron size
  • Perfect for mold spores and pet dander
  • Extra-large dust trap
  • Easy scheduling
  • Corner-clever technology for clean corners
  • One year warranty

The Cons

  • Doesn’t work effectively on extremely dark colored floors

The Botvac D80 Vacuum Cleaner by Neato is a 4.5-star rated machine that picks up more pet hairs than any other robot. Its versatile brush system ensures maximum cleaning from the floor and in corners. It works well on all types of floors expect dark colored flooring since most of the robots devices can’t detect light reflecting off the floor ahead of it and therefore don’t know to move forward. If your floor color is not extremely dark, the Neato Botvac D80 Vacuum Cleaner is a perfect choice for you.

Infinuvo QQ-1 CleanMate 365-Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Red

Infinuvo QQ-1 CleanMate 365-Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner handles a variety of surfaces with ease by removing crumbs, dust, and pet hairs along while killing bacteria with a UV light and releasing a nice fragrance in the air from its built-in fragrance chamber. It is red in color with a compact design.

The Pros

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Quick charger
  • Effective cleaning (five-step repetitive rotations for maximum cleaning)
  • UV light kills bacteria
  • Fragrance chamber releases fragrance into the air while cleaning
  • Automatically stops if stuck
  • Low battery indicator
  • Low price
  • One year warranty

The Cons

  • Gets stuck on furniture

Infinuvo QQ-1 CleanMate 365-Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a 4-star rated machine that kills bacteria and deodorizes the room. It works perfectly fine with all floor types and collects pet hair and dust with a single click of a button. However, customers have reported an issue with the vacuum getting stuck on furniture legs, but unlike other robots it won’t keep running and waste the battery charge. Instead it stops and beeps, signaling there is an issue. If you have pets or toddlers in your home, it’s important to ensure your floors are free of bacteria and dirt. The Infinuvo QQ-1 CleanMate 365-Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a healthy choice.


A robot vacuum cleaner is indeed a true blessing for any homeowner since it provides optimum cleaning of floors, corners, and hidden places to ensure a healthy indoor environment. Such cleaning robots are expensive when compared to conventional vacuum cleaners but their functionality and performance are well worth it.

We presented a review of three robots vacuum cleaners with amazing features that are appreciated by their customers in the form of good ratings and they are available at low prices as compared to their competitors.

If you are looking for a robot cleaner that picks up everything from your floor and kills bacteria while releasing fragrance into air then our recommendation is the Infinuvo QQ-1 CleanMate 365-Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner that is a 4-star rated product and has the lowest price of any robot vacuum cleaner.

For low pile or hard floor surfaces, the iTouchless Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner Pro is a good buy.

The Botvac D80 Vacuum Cleaner by Neato with its D-shape is great if you have a lot of corners to clean.