The Anker RoboVac 10 has been getting a lot of positive feedback, and if you’re here it means the Anker has piqued your interest. However, it is not the only robot cleaner in the market. The RoboVac 10 is being advertised as an all-around cleaner for carpets and flooring, but how good is it at picking up dirt?


The key features on the RoboVac 10 include the following:

  • The RoboVac 10 comes with multiple options, edge, spot and auto mode. These modes enable the vacuum to gather dirt in various spots.
  • The RoboVac 10 comes with a remote control so you can manage the vacuum from a distance.
  • There are powerful sensors built in so the cleaner is able to avoid furniture, edges and corners. There is also a drop sensor which prevents the RoboVac 10 from falling.
  • A 2600 lithium ion battery is good for up to 90 minutes on a full charge.
  • A cleaning tool is provided to clean the brushes and vents. A couple of side brushes are included as well as a HEPA type filter.
  • Quiet Operation: it makes some noise just like any robot vacuum cleaner, but it’s not as loud (the level is comparable to a fan). The sound is audible but it’s nowhere near the level of a regular vacuum cleaner.
  • The low profile design allows the RoboVac 10 to clean under tables and beds.
  • The warranty is good for 18 months.

The RoboVac 10 feature set has been upgraded, but that hasn’t made it difficult to use. On the contrary, this robot cleaner is easy to set up. The packaging is good and you can easily see the RoboVac 10 and the accessories. The whole thing takes less than 10 minutes to configure and it’s ready to go.


The RoboVac 10 is easy to set up and once charged, does cleanup very well. Suction power is good, and while it doesn’t have an edge to edge brush, the side brushes should be capable of pulling dirt in the center so the vacuum can pick it up.

When you first use the RoboVac 10, it might bump into some furniture here and there. That is understandable as the vacuum robot is still figuring out the edges and corners. Once the vacuum figures out the way, movement gets smoother.

The RoboVac 10 navigates vinyl, wood and other floors quickly. When set in spot mode the vacuum is able to focus on a single spot, great if there’s a spot you want cleaned up.

Other aspects of its performance and operation should be pointed out.

  • The RoboVac 10 cleans corridors, bathrooms, bedrooms and other confined locations. It picks up small debris, hair, dirt etc. consistently.
  • The cleaner navigates floors and carpets smoothly. Unlike other robot cleaners, the RoboVac 10 can handle tiles, carpets, rugs and wood floors nicely. The transition between hardwood and carpet floor has often been a problem, but the RoboVac 10 moves from thick carpets to floors without a hitch.
  • During its first few runs, the RoboVac 10 might miss a spot or two, but it can “learn” so it won’t make the same mistake again.
  • The low profile design serves the RoboVac 10 in good stead. Standard vacuum cleaners have a hard time reaching under beds, wardrobes, etc. but robot cleaners can reach them.

Overall we are impressed with the performance. The RoboVac 10 picks up crumbs and debris well, and its 90 minute runtime is very good for robot cleaners. Once the unit is done, it returns to base automatically. One of the more frequent criticisms with robot cleaners is their inability to go back to base, but it’s not an issue with the RoboVac 10.


  • The RoboVac 10 does an excellent cleanup job. Dirt, pet hair, human hair, etc. are picked up quickly.
  • The vacuum navigates around furniture, table legs and other obstacles without much difficulty.
  • Spare parts are widely available. The RoboVac 10 is built for long term use, but if there are problems you’ll have no trouble finding replacement parts online.
  • The remote control is easy to use. It may not have a mobile app but that’s not a big issue since the remote does the job as well.
  • This robot cleaner is easy to program: if you have never used a robot cleaner before this is a good choice.
  • The vacuum cleaner is durable: in spite of its compact design, the RoboVac 10 is solidly built.


  • The RoboVac 10 is not a substitute for heavy duty vacuum cleaners. It picks up dirt, debris and hair, but don’t expect it to work like a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • The bin doesn’t have a “full” indicator.

Who is the RoboVac 10 For?

The vacuum cleaner is for those who want a vacuum cleaner that cleans automatically and reliably. If you have a small home, the RoboVac 10 could be the only vacuum cleaner you need. If you have a large house, this robot cleaner is the ideal complement to your upright vacuum.

This robot cleaner is also ideal if you have back problems and can’t clean floors regularly anymore. If you live in an apartment, the RoboVac 10 is ideal too. The busy types will also like the convenience this vacuum cleaner provides. Set it up, program and the robot will do the work.

The RoboVac 10 is sometimes called a combo cleaner and sweeper, and it’s a fair assessment as its vacuum and suction powers are among the best in this range. Even during the first few times you use the unit, it doesn’t slam into walls or furniture the way other robot cleaners do.

We have already mentioned how quiet the RoboVac 10 is, but it bears repeating at this point. If you want a vacuum that works and doesn’t produce a lot of noise, this is the robot cleaner you’ll want.


The Anker RoboVac 10 is an outstanding product and delivers the goods. It picks up dirt and hair very well and battery life is good between charges. It is compact, easy to program and ideal for small homes. If you’re looking for a powerful and dependable robot cleaner, we recommend the RoboVac 10.